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How to format android phone

This the right page for your answer,
You may be having difficulties formatting your phone just because you don,t know the route to where the configuration button is;
or just because your uncle, mother, sister, or any one that is related to you arranged an unknown to you code;
So for that reason , you have to find this solution am going to suggest for you, to enable you unlock and access your phone;
So this is how it goes:- (1)CAUTION:use this method if you can access your phone and would like to format it-"(a)go to the settings of your phone
Then navigate to system option, then click and select reset option in the next page; after that you press the "Factory reset page to totally reset your tecno or any other android phone.
(2)Caution:-then if you are not accessing your phone, use this method-(b)Simultaneously press the up volume button and power button till the phone's logo appear,
Then release the power key and you will see many options; then you select to factory reset; that's how it works.