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How to design a static Website

You are welcome;
You are at the right page if you are really sure that you want to learn how to design a static website,
it is just as simple as A B C D, but to those with the ability of reading and writing, and in addition a good writing skill,
So before i proceed i will like to urge you to get a windows, linux or mac opertating system for the static website creation, and meanwhile you must go to your browser(Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and other unincluded here.) and type over search engine to install a word composing software(Notepad, Visual studio code, Note++, and so on.)to enable you to invent the static website that you intended having;

Now follow this steps to develop your desired static websites
So let's assume you have dowloaded any among this word composing softwares stated above;
(1)You then scroll to the software and click for it to display the digit entertaining script.
(2)then begin with defining of the document type in the open and no closing html tag.
(3)Add the opening and not closing html tag with the language attribute(html lang="en-us">.)in a short form.
(4)Add the meta data(information about other information)function at the center of html opening and close tag.(4)Then proceed to add style sheet opening and closing tag into the same html head opening and close tags i previously described of;

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So once you are through with the configuration, then navigate to the below and insert your static website's body tag that also has a closing tag; then define your static website's body background-color and if you may like add padding to enable it(your website) balance properly; but before this make sure that every html language code that you opened must be closed immediately with the html language closing tag; then let's assume that you have summarized on this part; then i will recommend your beginning to add your heading(being your website pages);
but before that you have to first of all add your header opening and closing tag for navigation menu constructing purpose(first step.)
As soon as you are through with the header part then you now proceed to describe your contents by secondly inserting an open and close tag of MAIN
So once you conclude on this part, just proceed to add another tag for the foot(footer tag for copyright) and you are good to go in having your preffered website.


Now listen carefully here cos that's the most crucial part of the construction done by you;
So for you to save the file it depends on the language you used in developing the website
If you then wrote it with php;
Then bear it in mind that you are prompted to save it as anykeyword.html(for instance: "page.html") or if it's html then you do it the same


Once you are through with your desired website and don't know what next to do:
Don't worry at all;
As long as you are still in this page, i will suggest if you have no bootstrap added ; that you should add a bootstrap to enable you make your website responsive and excellent in device screen;
And that's the primary of what to do after designing a website of your choice,
Then if you abided by my last instruction(being making your website responsivable); Then you are good to match forward to host your website.


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